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Association Bylaws require that before making any changes to your lot, a request for architectural review must be submitted to the Board of Directors or its appointed Architectural Control Committee.

Please download and complete the Architectural Request Form and email it to along with supporting documentation detailing the proposed changes. 

  • This form must be submitted by the person making a request for a proposed changed to his or her lot.

  • He or she is responsible for providing all information necessary to render a decision on their particular request.

  • Any and all incomplete forms and/or requests with insufficient information will be automatically denied.

  • Any and all changes must be made in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted and approved, and may not deviate from said changes without prior approval by the Board of Directors and/or the Architectural Control Committee.

The sanctioned time limit for request consideration shall not begin until all information necessary for the review of the architectural request have been submitted. This request shall be deemed active for a period of thirty (30) days when the completed form and all necessary & relevant information is received by the Board.

By completing this form, the submitter agrees to the following:
I certify that I have read the above Architectural Request Form, the Declaration of Covenants, By-laws, and
Architectural Control Committee Policy and Guidelines. As well as the Rules, Regulations and Restrictions pursuant to said Declarations regarding changes to my lot and hereby agree that I will abide by same.

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