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Foxmoor regularly participates in the Maryland Department of Agriculture's mosquito control program, which occurs during warm weather months.

Information for 2021:

  • Fogging is scheduled for May 26 – October 5

  • Foxmoor's assigned night is Wednesday

  • Fogging can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM

  • Fogging is conducted based on Department of Agriculture determination of necessity

    • Fogging may not be conducted when mosquito counts are low or weather conditions are prohibitive

  • Residents may request that their property be excluded by completing the exemption form below​

Please review the following information which he county has shared with the community:

2021 Community Information

2021 Exemption Form


The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works has approached the community regarding improvements to Forked Creek to control stormwater runoff and improve water quality within the Magothy River Watershed. The three initial letters received by the HOA,  a map showing a visual overview of where the study will be conducted, and DPW's responses to HOA questions, are available at the links below. While the neighborhood will not incur any costs, there could be an inconvenience to the neighbors on the north side of Norton Ave and the Viking North cul-de-sac. The project is still in the exploratory phases.

DPW Letter #1

DPW Letter #2

DPW Letter #3

Project Overview Image

DPW Answers to HOA Questions

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Updates to the community recreation lot basketball court are complete! The court has been expanded and refurbished. Please enjoy and be courteous to others using the court!

In March 2021, the board approved a budget of $20,000 for the project to cover the cost of repairing and expanding the court, and purchasing the two new basketball hoops. As this is considered a special project, funds from the community's financial reserves were used and no new or additional fees were required.

Note: Minor damage to the sidewalk due to construction is scheduled to be repaired and some reseeding of the grass surrounding the court will likely be undertaken in the fall.


If you'd like to participate on a committee or would like to assist the HOA with future projects or initiatives, please email the board for more information. We could definitely use the help!

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Due to the widespread transmission of COVID-19 in our region, the HOA board has been limiting the number of board meetings and has had to cancel recent community events.

Information on related county and community resources can be found here.

Please be safe and considerate! We plan to resume community events in the future when appropriate.